Global Covarage

With over 20.000 destinations; We have coverage all continents of Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia and Africa and we provide flights to all of them.

Arrival Time

One of the biggest advantages of flighting by private aircraft is the elimination of the roughness that steal your precious time. At an average of 475 knots per hour (880 km / h), you arrive directly at your destination via the fastest possible transport without transfer.

Product Quality

For our dear passengers, we provide catering from places that have proven themselves in the sector and have the necessary health certificates in each flight.

About Our Services:

With our professional team that has worked in the aviation industry for many years, we are trying to serve in the fastest and most comfortable way with Gulfstream GIV model Long-Range planes which are considered as peak in the private jet sector. Our catering service is specially selected according to the request of the passengers.

Aircraft Specifications and Performance

  • Gulfstream G-IV model aircraft is using in flights.
  • Maximum passenger capatability is 13
  • Planned avarage cruise speed is 475 knots (880km/h).
  • Maximum speed is 505 knots (935km/h).
  • Max range is 4,220 nm (7,815 km).

For Detailed Information;

Ready for flight? Ask our 24/7 customer service for anything in your mind or for more detailed information about the aircraft.